Rend Lake single track - Marcum Branch North

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Rend Lake single track - Marcum Branch North

Post by +!m32ride » Sun Dec 29, 2019 12:25 pm

Well I have found what I was looking for: a place to ride that is close and there is NO concern about getting shot. 8-)

Marcum Branch now has directional/dedicated mountain bike trails that consists of mostly flat terrain with some minor climbs, a couple water crossings (unless they dry up), a little bit of sand, tree roots and small stumps, a split tree ride over, and a lot of switchbacks which make the ride technical if ridden fast.

Currently there are approximately 6-8 miles of trails but more are in the planning/construction phase.
Thanks to Lee Messersmith and RLMTB and the park rangers for all the hard work constructing these trails.

The nice thing about this location is it is open every day which means it can be ridden every day. ;)

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